Who uses the VoxBox Pro?

Who uses the VoxBox Pro?

From BBC's 'Children in Need' appeal films, to Channel 4's 'Emergency Helicopter Medics' - film crews around the globe use the VoxBox Pro on broadcast documentaries, corporate and social content. Here are some of our users who have kindly shared feedback.

Jonah M. Kessel

The New York Times.
"We really love the VoxBox Pro and have been evangelizing it to all of our colleagues in the digital video space. So much of our video journalism has turned direct-to-camera and we find this infinitely easier to use than the EyeDirect. It has been used extensively and has clocked some miles across the US traveling."


Paul Ream

Lighting Cameraman / DOP, UK
“I think the VoxBox Pro is my favourite kit purchase this year so far. Everything is built so well."


Ben Baldwin Chuffed using the VoxBox Pro

Ben Baldwin

Founder and Producer, Chuffed Productions, London, UK
"We use the VoxBox Pro on shoots in the UK, Europe and most recently, Mexico. We feel confident sending it as checked baggage as the superb case protects the kit perfectly during transit, ensuring there are no nasty surprises at our destination! What we really like about VoxBox Pro is its versatility. We use it for both down-the-lens interviews and as a Teleprompter, it's quick and easy to rig with our DSLR kits, either using the rail mount or simply on a lighting stand in front of the lens."


Robin Probyn

Lighting Cameraman / DOP, Tokyo, Japan
“I have used the VoxBox Pro on various corporate shoots. It's easy and quick to set up - I usually just put it on a lighting stand. It's solidly made and looks very professional - the director/client can plainly see what they're getting for the rental fee... it's not just a cardboard box.
I used it on one corporate shoot and the director was so impressed, the cameraman shooting the next segment in another country, was told to buy one too! And as an added bonus it can be a teleprompter too."


Michael Werner

Filmmaker, Director, DP, New York
"The beauty of the VoxBox Pro is its simplicity. I can set it up in a minute flat! For someone who often works in small crews, a short set up time is absolutely essential. The VoxBox Pro is so quick to set up that it doesn't take away from any of the other critical responsibilities on set. For anyone looking to do down-the-lens interviews, I strongly encourage you to try the VoxBox Pro. It is a revelation!"


Kristian Barrass

Lighting camera operator, Barrass TV Crews Ltd, UK
“The VoxBox Pro is a really well-made piece of kit. You can tell it was designed by a working camera operator! Sturdy and made out of quality materials, I’m sure it will see a lot of action and last many years."


Phil Sheehan

La Pédale Films
"We do a lot of content for social which is straight-down-the-barrel and this is perfect for our needs. No more re-takes because the talent’s eyeline was wrong. One of our clients is the world’s top pro cycling team and an example of VoxBox Pro content can be seen here:"
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Gerry Burke

Director, UK
"Such a great piece of kit! I had seen others on the market but this is the poodle's privates*. Really well made with mounting options and choices of where to put the interviewer. I use it for down the lens interviews and iPad based prompting. It comes in a quality flight case which is also the perfect sitting height to reflect your face back to the interviewee. Like tripods and lenses, this is a bit of kit I'll hold onto."