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About the VoxBox Pro

Standard 15mm rails are recommended for optimal use, which you should already have if you have a matte box. Your rails should not extend beyond the front of the lens.

The mirrors do not need to tilt to accommodate different height between the interviewer and subject. Simply set the height of the camera to match the eye-level of the interviewer (as you would a standard off-camera interview) and frame the subject.

The rail block on the main unit can be repositioned to ensure the lens is centred through the hole. There is about 40mm adjustment possible. 

The VoxBox Pro comes with a 16mm receiver adaptor. This screws onto the base of the VoxBox Pro which allows you to attach it to a standard lighting stand. The unit can then be positioned in front of the camera lens.

You will lose less than 1 stop of light through the glass. This is not a problem for most cameras.

On a Super 35 size sensor (F55, F5, FS7, C300 etc), the widest focal length is approximately 30mm before the edges of the VoxBox Pro are visible. You can easily frame two subjects in the same shot.

The VoxBox Pro main unit is about 2.2kg (without tablet adaptor or side mirror). 

The main box (which fits to the camera) is 200mm square.

The glass is secure when inserted into the VoxBox Pro and can be packed away fully assembled if required. 

Treat the two way mirror glass like a lens – use a soft cloth with and appropriate glass cleaning solution.

The included adjustable tablet holder will accept any device from a small mobile phone to 10” tablet.

There are many free and paid-for Teleprompter software applications available. We recommend applications with the following features:

1. Flip mirrored text horizontally

2. Text justification (recommended if using a tablet larger than the two-way mirror) (The latter is more important if your tablet is over 7”)

We recommend ‘PromptSmart Pro’ (Android/iOS).

The unit is a solid metal box which doesn’t fold. It’s designed for fast setup and to be sturdy. It can be packed with minimal protection in a suitcase for flight.

Purchasing from us

We offer free shipping to UK customers (orders over £50). Order by 2pm for same-working day despatch. We use DPD who usually provide you with a 1-hour delivery slot on the day of delivery. Please note, delivery times are not guaranteed so leave enough time when planning your shoot.

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For spare parts, please see our ‘Purchase’ page. If you need any help or having problems with your unit, please email us: support@voxboxpro.co.uk. Please do not send anything back to us without prior authorisation.